Specialist translations into German also with MemoQ for the fields of law, medicine, technology and touristic.



Legal – professional translation of contracts and legal documents

  • All kinds of contracts, including notarizations, including, but not limited to:

Employment contract, consulting contract, sales contract, credit contract, management contract

  • All publications concerning patent law
  • General Terms and Conditions of Business, Purchasing Conditions, Delivery Conditions
  • Court correspondence, pleadings, statements of claim, excerpts from the Commercial Register



Medicine – professional translations of medical specialties

  • Patient records
  • Accompanying documents for medical supplies
  • Insurance documents
  • Hospital discharge papers
  • Scientific Publications
  • Medical findings
  • Medical reports
  • Test and analysis results



Technology – professional translations of technical equipment

  • Electrical equipment and electronics
  • Machine technology of all kinds
  • Quality Assurance
  • Measurement
  • Automotive engineering, automotive engineering
  • Technology in the food industry
  • Technology in agriculture
  • Clock technology
  • Environmental engineering
  • Technology in cosmetic devices